sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Nuevo vídeo: ¿Qué es la Política?

En conjunto con los amigos de Loco Magazine (www.locomagazine.com.ar) hemos realizado este video, que ha sido motivado por los errores conceptuales que solemos ver cuando se habla generalmente de política.
Queremos valorar el concepto de lo que es verdaderamente hacer Política, que es apuntar al bien común.
Este video, podría ser el inicio de una serie de videos sobre los temas que más nos preocupan.
Esperamos que les guste, y que lo disfruten.

Moreno Político.

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The traditional, the most common variant of the game is to play each hand of five cards. After they watched the players to change the surround, ie increase pool game for a certain amount of money, tokens or symbolic matches. After this step can include, or not, of 1 to 4 cards. In some embodiments, the game is possible to replace all the cards. After this round of betting occurs again. If none of the players have not folded, teaches cards, and accumulated a pool player takes the top card system. The hierarchy system is as follows: "the highest card" - wins the oldest of all visible on the table starting from Ace to Two, in case of a tie - determines the next card, and so until the fifth. "Pair" - two cards of one type, "two people", "three" - three cards of the same type "," straight "- five consecutive cards of different colors, the lowest straight is from 2 to 5, the oldest - from 10 to ace, "color" - five cards of the same suit, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, "Full House" - three and a pair of, about the importance of a full house with the higher three, "carriage" - four cards of the same type and one "poker" - straight in color. The highest poker hand is "royal flush" or cards from 10 to Ace of the same suit.
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Poker ohne einzahlung
This variation of the game has become very popular because of the multitude of tournaments planted by excellent players, and many web sites devoted to this type of game. In poker, texas hold 'em get to own only two cards, followed by a round of betting. Then the dealer puts three cards on the table common to all - "the flop" betting again, another community card - "turn", auction and last community card - "the river". It is followed by the last round of betting, and if it has been more than one player with the cards in his hand wins the best 5 card hand built with two player cards and three of the five common. The hierarchy of the system is the same as in poker classic. In both variants of the game can be in the form of plant diversity "in the dark", before looking at cards, which greatly affects the dynamics of the game. In most games, Texas Hold'em, two players must post a blind, the so-called big and small "blind"
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